Labradoodle Puppies

We had a litter of Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies born on November 1, 2017.  They are little chubby babies and so adorable.  They now have their little eyes open and trying to walk about.  All eleven of the F1 Labradoodles have a mixture of browns throughout their hair, light brown, dark brown, reddish brown and won’t be surprised if they end up having bits of silver throughout their hair as they grow up.  Their Dad, Charlie, started out dark brown and now he’s mostly silver.  We’ve heard from family that have purchased our other litter of Labradoodles from April 2017 that those puppies have bits of silver hair mixed in their hair too.

Our last litter of Labradoodles were so cute. Here’s a picture of two babies from the last litter at 9 weeks right before they went to their new homes.

We are so excited to watch these babies grow everyday and see what they’ve learned new. 🙂

The mother is our chocolate Labrador retriever, Ginger.