Goldendoodles Puppies


We had a litter of F1 Goldendoodles born on November 7, 2017.   All eleven of the litter are little black cuties. We do have one female with a black line down her chest and a white chin.  She also has white under her paws.   We also have one male with a white dot on his chest and white under his paws.  They, all eleven, are adorable little silky black babies. 🙂 Looking forward to watching them grow everyday! 🙂

Gracie, our one Golden Retriever is the mother of this litter. Her sister has a litter of 9 this past August and all nice of them were black as well.  They too had silky black hair as well and by the time they were 8 weeks old their hair about wavy and about 2 1/2 inches long. We are excepting these puppies to look about the same as the last litter.

Below are pictures of the new Goldendoodles taken last week.